About us

Bud Wichers | Reporter.Involved, reliable, inspired. These are the words that describe Bud, a born visionary. Naturally curious, looking for something to experience, wanting to witness (world) events and to tell a good story. These are the ingredients for Bud Wichers as camo and photographer. Right now he has over 15 years of experience as a video journalist, photographer and producer for several new outlets like Reuters, AFP, CNN, ANP and Hollandse Hoogte. Bud is ambassador for the Dutch Association of Journalists (Nederlandse Vereniging van Journalisten), Honorable member of the New York Video School and ambassador for the "Mjin Roots" Foundation.

KINDweesKIND Foundation. The KINDweesKIND Foundation is committed to the development opportunities of orphans in Indonesia. They create these opportunities in the areas of shelter, health, education and well-being. The KINDweesKIND Foundation wants to ensure that children in orphanages can really be children again. This means: "Discover the world without worrying and learning."

Mijn Roots Foundation | Contact for Bud Wicher's mission in Sulawesi. The Mijn Roots Foundation is actively involved in various ways for adoptees and children from Indonesia, to whom they feel very connected with. The Mijn Roots Foundation became involved with Hart4Sulawesi, when Bud went on a mission as an ambassador for Mijn Roots.

YOKI, Yayasan Otak Kanan Indonesia. Local aid organization that is committed to the self-sufficiency and development of the (orphan) children in Sulawesi.

Niki Perdok | Acquisition Charity event. Info to follow

Nike van der Velde | Host and PR Charity event. Info to follow

Tim Dondorp | Financial manager. Build and maintains the financial system.

Robert Voesten| Organisation.

Hartini van Rijssel | Founding executive. Heads the organisation and is the contactperson to media outlets


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