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Hart4Sulawesi has been founded to help and support young victims on Sulawesi which recently has been stricken by multiple natural distasters. The earthquake, the following tsunami and now also a vulcanic eruption have left these people in need for support, supplies and medical care. In collaboration with the foundations KINDweesKIND, MijnRoots and YOKI, we will provide the children in their basic needs; shelter, food and care. The last mentioned foundation is a local organisation which also aids and supports these orphans with education and self-reliance.

This is what we are working for. A new home for orphans and children. Each of these home can house up to 20 children. These homes are build by the local organisation YOKI in close cooperation with the KINDweesKIND Foundation.


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‘Gouds Dagblad’ places article on Hart4Sulawesi

The local Dutch newspaper “Gouds Dagblad” posted an article today about Hart4Sulawesi. We would like to thank the newspaper...

Hart4Sulawesi auction on Facebook has ended

The auction of Facebook held by Hart4Sulawesi has ended. The total amount that has been raised through the actioning...

Hart4Sulawesi interviewed

Yesterday Hart4Sulawesi made the 20:00 National news. The Dutch “NOS Journaal” did an item on Sulawesi and in particular...

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Bud interviewed by ‘De Sentor’

Dutch news outlet ‘De Sentor’ held an interview with Bud about his journey through the disaster area on Sulawesi...

Another vlog by Bud

Right after the first one yesterday, Bud took the time to send a new vlog.

New vlog by Bud!

Bud just published a vlog in which he updates on the current situation.

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